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Have you stumbled onto suspicious financial transactions and aren't sure what to do next? We encourage you to take advantage of the forensic accounting services offered by TBI Consulting Certified Public Accountants & Business Advisors, Inc. As experienced San Diego, CA forensic accountants we know how to analyze a company's financial records and expose questionable practices and inconsistencies. We can also review personal finances for divorce proceedings to locate unreported income and assets that one party may be trying to hide.

Our knowledge of business systems allows us to identify and document the details of a variety of illegal financial activities. Whether you're a business owner suspecting fraudulent accounting practices by an employee or an individual going through a divorce, we'll work hard to find the evidence you need to support your case and get the justice you deserve. If needed, we can also act as a credible and convincing expert witness by presenting our findings in court to support your case.

To learn more about our forensic accounting services call 858-720-9700 today or contact us online. We are a highly trained and qualified Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Forensic Accounting

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